Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Other people's kids

Don't you hate going to one of your kids performances just to be used as an audience member for a million other kids. My son plays the trumpet, I love to see him perform and listen to him play. I don't want to listen to other kids from other schools and other grades do their performances. My son plays two Christmas songs with a throng of C- musicians...total time 5 minutes 32 seconds. Afterward, I have to endure an hour and half of "other kids" performances with a required applause after each song. Oh, did I mention that they wanted us to PAY $10 each just to attend this "concert?"

Then you've got the parents that, after little Johnny plays, they head for the door. Listen, if I have to sit through Johnny's performance, you're gonna sit through my kids performance!!

One family got creative this year, they had Grandma fake a heart-attack so they could usher her out during the performance...of course, her Grandson Johnny had just finished!! I give these people credit, I might try that next year.

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